Welcome to the Studio Roy Blog!


If you’re new to our site, WELCOME FRIEND!

Or if you’ve come back again, thanks for the love.

First of all, let me introduce myself. I’m Lisa, Eric’s studio manager, and I do most of the communicating with our clients before they meet Eric.

We’ve got this fancy new blog. …Eh…fancy-ish. I’ll do my best.

What makes the perfect headshot? What stands out from the hundreds of submissions they see EVERY DAY? We’re going to find out, and let you know.

What works and what doesn’t. What are they looking for in an image? I’m talkin’ agents, managers, casting directors, directors and producers. We wanna sit them down and get the facts.

And who knows, I might not hate blogging and decide to expand to other topics like auditions, self tapes, reels, resumes and pilot season.

...we’ll see how this goes. I’m liking it so far. ;-)

Thanks for stopping by and for reading my blog. It’s only taken me 2 hours. That’s good right? …..I’m doing my best…

Our actors are the bomb.