“Headshots by Studio Roy always stand out when they cross my desk. Eric’s photos are engaging, impactful and exactly the showcase an actor needs to make a strong first impression.”

Brad DeLima, VP of Casting, NBC Universal

“I send all of my actors to shoot with Eric. He’s the best there is. His headshots are cinematic, marketable and offer an honest connection between the subject and camera.”

Greg Wapnick, Talent Manager, Luber Roklin Entertainment

“It is rare to find a gifted visual artist with sharp aesthetic sensibilities who is so "user friendly". Eric gets great results because he puts his subjects at ease. Combined with his intuitive understanding of the industry's commercial and artistic appetites, Studio Roy will become your "go to" choice in photographers ”

Mel McKeon, Executive Partner, McKeon/Myones Entertainment

“Eric is wonderful. He's easy going and great to work with. My reps and I love my pictures. We got tons of different looks for headshots, publicity materials and social media content. HIGHLY recommend Studio Roy!”

“Eric is the guy you want. A great photographer with an actors sensibility. With both studio shots and working on the fly in natural light, Eric is always trying to find something unique. He is creative, fun and easy to work with, and gets great shots. Couldn't have asked for a better experience.

“There are a dizzying amount of headshot photographers in LOS ANGELES and trying to find one is daunting. I've been an actor for 20 years and so let me save you the time through my endless trial and error: Eric is a) talented b) fast c) reasonably priced d) kind. You'll be happy with the results of your photos and your reps will be thrilled with them as well.”

“I had a wonderful experience working with Eric. Headshots are usually a nerve wracking experience for me. I was instantly put at ease with Eric. He's laid back and collaborative in the way that he works. I really appreciate how committed he is to getting a great shot. I never felt rushed during the shoot and that helped me to feel confident and playful.
Also, I felt that there was great communication between myself and the studio prior to the shoot.
My reps absolutely love the pictures and I would shoot with Eric again any day!”

“I desperately needed headshots and, having never modeled before, I was a little nervous about the whole process. As soon as I met Eric, I knew everything would turn out great. Not only did Eric take beautiful photos, but he made the process seamless and fun. He's really easy to work with, very professional, extremely laid back, creative and, most importantly, knowledgeable. He has a great eye and he can style each setting to match what you want. I'd recommend Eric to everyone and I plan on using him again in the future.”

- @ColleenWolfe, The NFL Network

"Eric is a pleasure to work with. His shoots are relaxed and feel like hanging out with an old friend. He's got a talent for capturing people's personalities - all that behind the eyes stuff - which makes for fantastic photos."

“Eric is the real deal! I had such an awesome experience shooting headshots with him - I cannot recommend his studio enough. If you want a super professional photographer that makes you feel like a movie star, choose Studio Roy. Headshots can be awkward and strenuous, but Eric makes it seamless and a fun atmosphere. Two thumbs way up!!”

"Studio Roy is amazing! I did a Friends with Benefits joint headshot session with my best friend and we were so relaxed and laughing the whole time. We both got some fantastic shots out of it. He even played great music throughout our shoot! Such a skilled photographer and an all-around good dude. Would definitely refer my friends to him. 10/10"

“Every actor wants "The Shot". The photograph that represents you in the best way and gets you called in for auditions on a consistent basis. Well, after shooting with Eric... I have about 12 "The Shot's". It's phenomenal how great the photographs are and it's the reason I will continue to shoot with him and only him from here on out.”

“Eric is truly as good as it gets. He's the real deal, and a wonderful human being to deal with. My shots with him are the best I've ever had. My reps love them and want me to shoot with him again! He's easy going and comfortable and funny, and it was a pleasure to work with him. I've recommended him to many friends, and they've all loved the results.”

"It was a pleasure shooting with Eric. He creates a completely collaborative environment that is tailored to each individual. There is never the sense that you are being placed into some "stock" look, but working towards an atmosphere that allows you're individuality to come out. I got exactly what I didn't know I wanted."

“Eric is amazing! An absolute joy to work with. I couldn't have asked for a more relaxed, encouraging and fun shoot. Any worry or insecurity I had immediately melted away as soon as we started to work.

Eric really took his time to adjust every look, from the camera to the set up of the photo and was constantly adjusting to make sure every shot was the best possible.

Such a chill, warm vibe from start to finish. In all honesty - any one of the photos can be used, it's gonna be hard to choose! Thanks Eric, Lisa, and Nicole for a fantastic experience. I'll be back!”

“Eric is absolutely phenomenal! I have never had a headshot experience that was so fun, positive and creative. The studio space is gorgeous and the atmosphere is relaxed and artistic. The entire team is tremendous. You connect with him through the camera and the work you get done is wonderful. I just looked through my shots, and narrowing down my pictures is going to be so hard! I have never had that from any other photographer. Seriously, this is the most amazing headshot shoot you will ever have! I l

ove my Studio Roy pictures! Eric is so welcoming and fun to work with. He is very collaborative and works hard to make sure you're getting the photos you want and that represent you best. He's very talented and honestly just fun to hang out with! Plan to shoot with him again next time I'm in LA!”

“5 stars doesn't even begin to give Eric justice. Seriously.

Kind, giving, watchful, and above all, Creative! Everything you want in a photographer and artist. You don't feel dictated to, you feel like it's a collaboration. And the finished product will fulfill what you need, and what you asked for, and at times will surprise you with images of yourself that you didn't think you needed until you saw them. The studio itself is large, lots of natural light, or if you need, strobe is right at his finger tips. Or he may take you outside and bend the natural light to give you what you want. He's no one trick pony! Highly recommend Studio Roy. Do it! You'll be glad you did and so will your rep...”

“Eric did absolutely everything he could to make my session the best it could be. The photos are magnificent and I'm so excited to use them and tell all my friends to get shots with him! I chose him from a sea of other photographers because of his ability to capture the eyes in such a strong way, while using a lens that shows his subjects theatrically. I highly suggest booking a session with this brilliant photographer who is a joy to work with.”

“Eric is an outstanding photographer!
So I've been in the biz for 10+ years. I can tell you, there are a lot of inexperienced photogs who charge crazy prices for half of what Eric will give you. I had several nightmare sessions with several LA & NY headshot photogs with horrible headshots as a result. But Eric saved me!! He was professional, talented, fun and we shot for half the day with amazing results. This was the first time I've shot with someone that didn't make me look like a different skin tone or unlike myself.
Eric knew exactly what I wanted. He also knew how to make me look fantastic AND myself! It was as if I was shooting with an old friend. He made me feel very relaxed and comfortable. I got so many great shots from just one session that the hardest part is picking which shots to send to my agent.
His studio is amazing with great natural lighting and a million different color backgrounds. He also has access to his roof which was a great change in scenery. Because he has his own studio, there was no rush for lighting or weird changing in the car like other outdoor photogs. He didn't rush me at all in fact. And his make-up artist was on point, giving me changes in looks when I needed them.
Thank you so much, Eric! You are a lifesaver! I TRUST Studio Roy with all my headshots now. And only wish he was in NYC. :)”

“Love working with Eric. He has amazing energy and makes sure that you don't leave until you're happy. Plus, I love that you're able to see the photos on a screen while he's shooting you. I will definitely be back!”

“I wanted to take the time to say thank you so much for everything with the shoot a couple weeks ago. Edred and I had a blast! It all worked out flawlessly, and the pictures turned out better than I could have ever imagined. I loved the entire session!
You guys are by far the best I've ever worked with and I will be recommending the studio to anyone who will listen!
Have a great weekend and once again Thank You! :)”

“Eric is absolutely phenomenal! I have never had a headshot experience that was so fun, positive and creative. The studio space is gorgeous and the atmosphere is relaxed and artistic. The entire team is tremendous. You connect with him through the camera and the work you get done is wonderful. I just looked through my shots, and narrowing down my pictures is going to be so hard! I have never had that from any other photographer. Seriously, this is the most amazing headshot shoot you will ever have!”

“Hi! I'm Allie Schulz - singer, actress and song writer. Eric photographed me and made it the most easy and creative headshot session I'd ever experienced. He somehow allowed me to forget about the product/result I knew I needed from the session (a marketable shot of me that my agents could use to book me jobs!) and instead created such a comfortable environment where I could hang out in the present moment, laugh, relax and be myself in front of the camera. As a result, he captured me in my most natural state and provided me a headshot which has both gotten me into tons of rooms here in LA (of casting directors I'd never met since I'm a recent NY transplant) and booked me print jobs strait away directly from the photo. Thanks, Eric!”

“A buddy of mine had just finished a headshot session, asked for my feedback on the looks he would use and I was blown away. I was like, "dude!!! You could use any of these, they're great and show the real you so well." Needing new shots myself I inquired who the photographer was and he told me it was this "dope dude" Eric. That was all I needed. As an actor I hate taking the time to search new photographers and price compare and all that. I saw a great product in my buddy's session, and pulled the trigger and gave Eric a call ASAP. His assistant Lisa was extremely prompt in getting back to me and setting a shoot up, even worked with me when I had an issue and had to reschedule. Easy peezy.

Got to Eric's studio a little before our scheduled time and it quickly became evident that all I had heard about this guy was accurate and then some. Super chill, laid back guy that really works with you and for you. He's an actor himself, and he understands what we need in this business. Not just collecting a check and not giving a damn about you like some photographers I've worked with. We shot till collectively we felt we found greatness in each look. I was always involved in the process and never once meant to feel like I was rushed or bothering him; as some photogs will do. He constantly was tweaking lighting and camera settings and asking my input on the shots that appeared instantaneously on his computer. Dude is a straight pro; from a multitude of camera equipment, lighting, backdrops, on the fly ideas, to his overall genuine demeanor, I would (and did) recommend Eric to any actor out there needing headshots.

Jump to finished product, Eric swiftly sent me a link to my session and I was blown away. Not one who enjoys checking themselves out, but I had to take a step back and be like, "Damn son, you looking good." Picked my favorites, of which there were many, fired them off to my reps and they were blown away as well. My manager and theatrical agent said, and I quote, " It's about damned time," meaning someone finally captured the real me in a session. I've spent lots of money to no avail on headshots, striving to get that one or two great shots to market myself appropriately with. Eric saved the day.

Fast forward a month and a half after our session, I booked a national commercial with the new headshots!!! I'm getting called into casting offices more. Amazing what one headshot session has done for me, and I have Eric to thank for that. Go shoot with this dude!!!!”

“Eric is one of the most talented and kind photographer's I've ever worked with! The minute I met Eric, I knew it was going to be an awesome shoot---he was warm, professional, and eager to collaborate.

Throughout the shoot, I really appreciated Eric's positive feedback and his easy-going nature. He made me felt completely at ease and comfortable to just be myself...and as a result, I got amazing photos!

Eric's studio space in downtown LA is inspiring, spacious and filled with beautiful, natural light. I received my online photo gallery soon after the shoot and I was so happy with how many great shots I got. It was a pleasure working with Eric and his team. Lisa (his studio/booking manager) was so helpful with scheduling and the makeup artist they recommended, Veronica Chanel, was fantastic.

I've worked with a lot of photographers over the years and I can honestly say that Eric is one of the best photographers in Los Angeles. I can't wait to shoot with him again! Thanks for everything, Eric!”

“Eric is an amazing photographer and person! He makes the shoot so comfortable and easy, and knows how to pull the personality out of you - and he doesn't settle for average! He's a true collaborator and cultivates a loose and easy environment to work at. Couldn't recommend Eric more for those looking for the best!”

“I so enjoyed shooting with Studio Roy. Eric took his time and helped me get the shots I needed. The final shots are great and really pop! I was very comfortable with Eric and that shows through the lens! I've received wonderful feedback from casting and agents. Thank you so much!”

“My first session with Eric was honestly just a lot of fun. He is very relaxed and professional. Eric wants to get the best shots out of you, he blasts whatever music you want and makes it super comfortable. The studio is awesome, as it allows for tons of natural light. I will be returning to Eric for my next sessions”.

"It's not often that your desire to achieve a particular result is met with the skill and passion necessary to accomplish your goal. But that's exactly what I found in Eric. His expertise, talent, openness and overall friendly demeanor allowed me to forget the worry of getting "the right shot" and I was able to relax and fully bring myself into the shoot and the results speak for themselves. Best headshots I've ever had, without question. Run, don't walk, to shoot with Eric. You will be beyond happy with your experience with him and the results thereafter."

"Eric has an innate ability to bring out the best in you. Its like being photographed by your best friend"

“Eric's the best. Not only is he ridiculously cool as a person, but he's generously creative and really helps you have fun with your shoot. He takes the time to understand who you are and what you need professionally. He works with you to adjust the shoot as you go along, so you don't have to worry about hating all but 3 of your photos at the end. You won't feel rushed. With Eric you get a collaborator instead of someone you awkwardly smile in front of for an hour. There's most of your headshot stress gone.

“Eric is absolutely AMAZING! He worked with me to get some amazing shots, which I am so happy about. Eric was recommended through a fellow actor who showed me excellent shots that he got from him and I knew that Eric was the one who had to do my shots. On the day, he was lovely. It was like working with a professional-friend who wanted the best for me. If you want good headshots and you don't want to waste time looking around, look no further!”


“Eric is awesome. Not only is he an amazing photographer, but he has an organic approach that makes you feel at ease. It doesn't feel like work. I had a fantastic experience shooting with him - it was a fruitful collaborative experience that was fulfilling. I would recommend him to anybody.”

- RJ O’Young

“Eric was a true professional. I was extremely relaxed and comfortable during our photo shoot and he was completely willing to collaborate with concepts and ideas. I had a great time and highly recommend him. However, let his work speak for itself!”

“Could not be more satisfied with my experience. Eric is very welcoming, extremely talented, and helped me with the direction of the photo shoot. He and his team were great communicators before the shoot and helped me get set up for a smooth day of shooting. When I got my headshots back, I got exactly what I was looking for! I am definitely going back to Eric the next time I need more headshots.”

- Spencer Chinchen

Screen Shot 2019-02-25 at 12.01.19 AM.png

I”'ve shot with Eric on multiple occasions and each time he gets something new and fresh - and he isn't afraid to have fun. Working with him is a joy because he encompasses the skills of a great photographer with the comfort of allowing you to feel at ease and be your best 'you' when you're in front of his camera lens. Let's face it, posing for pictures feels weird but with Eric it doesn't. He makes magic happen by knowing exactly what casting directors are looking for because of his own experience and extensive knowledge of the business. I would recommend him to anyone who is looking for headshots.”

- Jill Fouts

“Getting new headshots is the worst. There's always so much anxiety because of so many different factors. Will I look good? Will agents like them? Why did I wake up with a new pimple on my already larger than normal forehead?

Well, Eric may be a god among men, or a half god like Kevin Sorbo as Hercules, because working with him was absolutely wonderful. And that is not an easy thing to say about a headshot session. Not only did I get a bunch of great shots to use, the whole experience itself was awesome. From planning, to the shoot, to the final edit, he made sure I was comfortable and happy at every point in the process. He is kind and attentive and he clearly gives you the same amount of thoughtfulness and care that he puts into his shoots with top A list celebs and models.”

- Corey Boardman


“As an actor starting out in the business, it's very difficult to find a photographer that can see the great and attractive side of you. He was helpful in both crafting and capturing the amazing sides that a person has to offer. He was readily available to answer questions about attire and looks. Which not many photographers have both insight and time for.
On the day of the shoot, Eric was in no rush and adapted to the variety of clothing I had brought. He was able to quickly pick out the best colors and styles that would fit me perfectly. Some I had no idea worked until I saw them through his lens. He helps set the mood for whatever the feeling of the shot is with music of his or the subject’s choice. He guided me with inspiring and motivational suggestions to bring the best out of me. He made it feel like my best friend was taking my photos with both professionalism and care. He didn't rush any part of the process and took his time to find the best lightning, position and emotion for each shot.
The environments Eric has access to are both simple and complex. He turned a practically empty room into a completely different environment in the shot. I felt like we visited more than 7 different locations. With both outdoor and indoor photos, he crafted the light to be on point. Not to forget the wonderful makeup artist Veronica Chanel, who was a fantastic person to work with and be worked on by. I've never looked that good in my entire life thanks to this fantastic duo.
All in all, Eric is a hidden treasure in the business. A photographer I felt honored to have worked with. Thank you so much Eric, you really helped me hit the ground running in this crazy town.

- Ryan Bravo

“He's so easy to work with, the sessions are fun and totally relaxed. His studio is gorgeous and filled with natural light. I can't imagine ever going to someone else. It was that good. I love Eric and Studio Roy!”


“Choosing a headshot photographer can be such a ridiculous process. I couldn't be happier that I found Eric. I got the best pictures I've EVER had and had a great time during the session! His attitude and style make for a super fun and relaxed vibe. I have already recommended Eric Schneider to several friends and I would recommend to all. Thanks for the great shots! You rule Eric!”

- Zach Hanna